Anna Katarzyna Domejko  is Birmingham based visual artist-painter.


Anna Katarzyna Domejko was born in the post-industrial city of Lodz with long
and strong avant-garde tradition of contemporary art.
She studied at Fine Arts Academy in Lodz-Poland and Fine Arts Academy in Vilnius-Lithuania, Birmingham School of Art – UK.Anna Katarzyna Domejko was shortlisted to stage 2 John Moore Painting Prize in 2014 and longlisted to Griffin Art Prize 2016.Anna was awarded by Ministry of National Heritage and Culture of Poland for the entirety of her artistic activity.Anna was also awarded by Gallery Manhattan and Gallery BOK in Lodz in 2012 in National Contest of Wladyslaw Strzeminski.

CONTEMPORARY LYNX – interview – January 2017



Art Exhibitions:




  • 2018.06.  New measures of buttonless woodchip effect, Corner window gallery, Auckland, New Zealand, curator – Rob Garrett
  • 2017.10.   Brixton Show, Brixton Pound, London, curated by: Ryan Kearney
  • 2017.11.   We All Should Have Our Say, Movement Gallery, Worcester
  • 2017.09.  Margaret, Birmingham City University, UK
  • 2017.04.  Pulpa III, R.K. Burt  Gallery, London, UK, curated by Karina Cabanikova
  • 2017.03.  Distracted Anecdote – Delicate, Art Intervention, STRYX Project space, Birmingham UK
  • 2017.02.   SKELF SITE, Fish Fly Through Chinks,
  • 2016.09.   FROM EAST TO WEST WITH LOVE, The Glass Box, Coventry, UK. Curatorial project directed by Emilia Moniszko and Rob Hamp;
  • 2016.07.    Legless Birds of Paradise, Coventry Centre of Contemporary Arts – The Shed and The Pod, UK. Solo show curated by: Martin Green;
  • 2016.04.  END//BEGIN, SHOP 32 City Arcade, Coventry, UK, (curated by Martin Green)
  • 2016.02.  Bourn, STRYX, Birmingham, UK;
  • 2015.12.  NN Open, N Contemporary Northampton, UK, selected by Ruth Claxton;
  • 2015.11.  Salon Exhibition, Watehall Gallery, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Birmingham, UK;
  • 2015.10.  The Shaun Ryder Beermat Show, Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival, Birmingham Pavilion, Warrington, UK, curated by Ikon with Cathy Wade and Kevin Ryan;
  • 2015.09.  Personal myth, Art From the Heart, The Vanderbilt Republic, Brooklyn, New York, USA;
  • 2015.09.  TIAF, The Independent Artist Fair London, Rag Factory, London, UK;
  • 2015.03.  LIMBO Associate Members’ Show 2015, LIMBO Substation Project Space, Margate, UK, selected by Adam Chodzko;
  • 2015.01.  Unreal – solo show, STRYX,  Birmingham, UK, curated by Roma Piotrowska;
  • 2014.11.  Breaking the fourth wall, The Byron Cinema, Nottingham, UK;
  • 2014.11.  Kto ty Jesteś? 6-ta dzielnica, Łódź, Poland;
  • 2014.10.  Art From the Heart, The Vanderbilt Republic, Brooklyn, New York, USA;
  • 2014.10.  Visual Arts Open Exhibition, Higher Bridges Gallery Northern Ireland;
  • 2014.05.  HUMANOID II, Gallery Ptapty, Poznan, Poland;
  • 2014.02.  Associate Member’s Open, LIMBO Substation Project Space, Margate, UK, elected by Sarah Martin, Bob and Roberta Smith;
  • 2014.01.  HUMANOID, Gallery Konduktorownia, Częstochowa, Poland;
  • 2013.10.  Art From The Heart, PHOTOGRAPHIC MONUMENT BY Tim Bartlett, George Del Barrio, Mark Kleback x K2 Imaging The Vanderbilt Republic, New York, USA;
  • 2013.09.  An Open Project, MAC, Birmingham, UK;
  • 2013.05.  Babski Spęd vol. 2,  Mile End Art Pavilion, London. UK;
  • 2013.05.  Artist review your self, A.E.Harris, Birmingham, UK;
  • 2013.03.  The Culture is! Gallery Manhttan, Lodz,Poland;
  • 2012.12.  The End of the world, Museum of Art Books, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2012.08.  The Eastern Express, New avatn-garde, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2012.08.  The Catechesis, Museum of Art Books, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2012.07.  The Catechesis, Centrum Sztuki Impart, Wroclaw, Poland;
  • 2012.05.  Open Exhibition – review of young art, ART STREFA, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2012.05.  The Inheritance, Gallery Wolna Przestrzen, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2012.03.  The Catechesis, Gallery Kamienica Cudów, Lublin,Poland;
  • 2012.02.  The Corpus, Gallery Wolna Przestrzen, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2012.01.  The Crisis, Gallery Wolna Przestrzen, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2011.12.  The Christmas card, in co – operation Art society Active Culture an FineArtsAcademy in Lodz, Gallery Wolna Przestrzen, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2011.12.  The Risk, in cooperation with in co – operation with FineArtAcademy in Lodz and University of Technology in Lodz, Gallery Krotko i wezlowato, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2011.09.  Meat CULTure, second edition of art workshops, Gallery Browar Mieszczanski, Wroclaw, Poland;
  • 2011.09.  Night of champions, The Festival of Four Cultures, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2011.06.  The Elemens – Creativ Cultural Center, Eternia, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2011.05.  Open Exhibition – review of young art, Museum of Art Books, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2011.05.  Meat CULTure, first edition of art workshops, Stara Szwalnia, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2011.04.  Temporarytacje – ephemeral art review, the Festival of Science,Technology and Art; ART  STREFA Hydrofornia, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2011.04.  The Painting and Drawing Exhibition at Visual Arts Department, The Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz Gallery, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2011.03.  Contest exhibition featuring  artwork for the show of Samuel’s Beckett, Old Library, Lublin, Poland;
  • 2011.01.  Dialogue – The Erasmus Students’ Exhibition at Visual Arts Department, The Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz Gallery;
  • 2010.12.  The Exhibition organized by a non – formal group SNR, The Community Centre Widok in Lodz, Poland;
  • 2010.11.  I – Here – Now the symposium and painting workshops at the post industrial estate at Tymienieckigo street in Lodz, Poland;
  • 2010       Kup wspomnienie/Buy a memeory – Tate turbinegenerations -the project organized by the Research Society for Museum of Modern Arts in Lodz in the co – operation with the Tate Modern in London; England/Poland;