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CONTEMPORARY LYNX – interview – January 2017



Art Exhibitions:


coming up:

  • 2018.11. ART Residency – Fail Better, Birmingham,
  • 2018.10.  New measures of buttonless woodchip effect, Corner window gallery, Auckland, New Zealand, curator – Rob Garrett
  • 2018.10.  Artist Talk, Auckland ART WEEK,
  • 2018. 09. The Waste Land, CRATE project space, Margate,
  • Jamboree 2018  //  28th June — 1st July 2018,
  • 2018   We All Should Have Our Say, Movement Gallery, Worcester


  • 2018. 02. ASSEMBLAGE,  International Project Space, Birmingham, UK
  • 2017.10.   Repeat, Recite, Restate, Brixton Pound, London, curated by: Ryan Kearney
  • 2017.09.  Margaret, Birmingham City University, UK
  • 2017.04.  Pulpa III, R.K. Burt  Gallery, London, UK, curated by Karina Cabanikova
  • 2017.03.  Distracted Anecdote – Delicate, Art Intervention, STRYX Project space, Birmingham UK
  • 2017.02.   SKELF SITE, Fish Fly Through Chinks,
  • 2016.09.   FROM EAST TO WEST WITH LOVE, The Glass Box, Coventry, UK. Curatorial project directed by Emilia Moniszko and Rob Hamp;
  • 2016.07.    Legless Birds of Paradise, Coventry Centre of Contemporary Arts – The Shed and The Pod, UK. Solo show curated by: Martin Green;
  • 2016.04.  END//BEGIN, SHOP 32 City Arcade, Coventry, UK, (curated by Martin Green)
  • 2016.02.  Bourn, STRYX, Birmingham, UK;
  • 2015.12.  NN Open, N Contemporary Northampton, UK, selected by Ruth Claxton;
  • 2015.11.  Salon Exhibition, Watehall Gallery, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Birmingham, UK;
  • 2015.10.  The Shaun Ryder Beermat Show, Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival, Birmingham Pavilion, Warrington, UK, curated by Ikon with Cathy Wade and Kevin Ryan;
  • 2015.09.  Personal myth, Art From the Heart, The Vanderbilt Republic, Brooklyn, New York, USA;
  • 2015.09.  TIAF, The Independent Artist Fair London, Rag Factory, London, UK;
  • 2015.03.  LIMBO Associate Members’ Show 2015, LIMBO Substation Project Space, Margate, UK, selected by Adam Chodzko;
  • 2015.01.  Unreal – solo show, STRYX,  Birmingham, UK, curated by Roma Piotrowska;
  • 2014.11.  Breaking the fourth wall, The Byron Cinema, Nottingham, UK;
  • 2014.11.  Kto ty Jesteś? 6-ta dzielnica, Łódź, Poland;
  • 2014.10.  Art From the Heart, The Vanderbilt Republic, Brooklyn, New York, USA;
  • 2014.10.  Visual Arts Open Exhibition, Higher Bridges Gallery Northern Ireland;
  • 2014.05.  HUMANOID II, Gallery Ptapty, Poznan, Poland;
  • 2014.02.  Associate Member’s Open, LIMBO Substation Project Space, Margate, UK, elected by Sarah Martin, Bob and Roberta Smith;
  • 2014.01.  HUMANOID, Gallery Konduktorownia, Częstochowa, Poland;
  • 2013.10.  Art From The Heart, PHOTOGRAPHIC MONUMENT BY Tim Bartlett, George Del Barrio, Mark Kleback x K2 Imaging The Vanderbilt Republic, New York, USA;
  • 2013.09.  An Open Project, MAC, Birmingham, UK;
  • 2013.05.  Babski Spęd vol. 2,  Mile End Art Pavilion, London. UK;
  • 2013.05.  Artist review your self, A.E.Harris, Birmingham, UK;
  • 2013.03.  The Culture is! Gallery Manhttan, Lodz,Poland;
  • 2012.12.  The End of the world, Museum of Art Books, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2012.08.  The Eastern Express, New avatn-garde, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2012.08.  The Catechesis, Museum of Art Books, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2012.07.  The Catechesis, Centrum Sztuki Impart, Wroclaw, Poland;
  • 2012.05.  Open Exhibition – review of young art, ART STREFA, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2012.05.  The Inheritance, Gallery Wolna Przestrzen, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2012.03.  The Catechesis, Gallery Kamienica Cudów, Lublin,Poland;
  • 2012.02.  The Corpus, Gallery Wolna Przestrzen, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2012.01.  The Crisis, Gallery Wolna Przestrzen, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2011.12.  The Christmas card, in co – operation Art society Active Culture an FineArtsAcademy in Lodz, Gallery Wolna Przestrzen, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2011.12.  The Risk, in cooperation with in co – operation with FineArtAcademy in Lodz and University of Technology in Lodz, Gallery Krotko i wezlowato, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2011.09.  Meat CULTure, second edition of art workshops, Gallery Browar Mieszczanski, Wroclaw, Poland;
  • 2011.09.  Night of champions, The Festival of Four Cultures, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2011.06.  The Elemens – Creativ Cultural Center, Eternia, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2011.05.  Open Exhibition – review of young art, Museum of Art Books, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2011.05.  Meat CULTure, first edition of art workshops, Stara Szwalnia, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2011.04.  Temporarytacje – ephemeral art review, the Festival of Science,Technology and Art; ART  STREFA Hydrofornia, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2011.04.  The Painting and Drawing Exhibition at Visual Arts Department, The Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz Gallery, Lodz, Poland;
  • 2011.03.  Contest exhibition featuring  artwork for the show of Samuel’s Beckett, Old Library, Lublin, Poland;
  • 2011.01.  Dialogue – The Erasmus Students’ Exhibition at Visual Arts Department, The Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz Gallery;
  • 2010.12.  The Exhibition organized by a non – formal group SNR, The Community Centre Widok in Lodz, Poland;
  • 2010.11.  I – Here – Now the symposium and painting workshops at the post industrial estate at Tymienieckigo street in Lodz, Poland;
  • 2010       Kup wspomnienie/Buy a memeory – Tate turbinegenerations -the project organized by the Research Society for Museum of Modern Arts in Lodz in the co – operation with the Tate Modern in London; England/Poland;