Action Pack and take away, 2012, Lodz, Poland, Culture in Action, following our program assumptions, organized an action in the City of Lodz. It took place in the public space. Our main goal was to convince people who live in Lodz and those who govern the city that a huge mistake had been made while designing and creating several „sculptures” on Piotrkowska street. What is more, we wanted to pay attention to the controversial issue concerning the mechanism of selection and the way of locating such „sculptures” on the main artery of the city. Culture in Action considers several „sculptures” on the Piotrkowska street as being not valuable enough to represent the city. They represent both: poor artistic level (in their form) and poor content. That makes them completely anti-educational in artistic way. We are disgusted and deeply disappointed that such objects destroy (already poor in fact) condition of one of the longest commercial thoroughfares in Europe changing Piotrkowska street into provincial ‚street gallery’ made without participation and opinion of experts. We postulate to the city authorities responsible for visual appearance of the city to remove aforementioned „sculptures” from Piotrkowska street as soon as possible. Curators: Paula Strugińska, Paweł Hajncel, Participants: Ewa Błaszczyńska, Anna Katarzyna Domejko, Michał Fryc, Paweł Hajncel, Dogmara Horab, Marlena Jaworska, Kasia Jędrzejczyk, Marcin Kułaga, Katarzyna Majsner, Marcin Malecki, Sebastian Rozpara, Rafał Sobiczewski, Elżbieta Stańczak, Paula StrugiNska, Kamila Turkowska, Marcelo Zammenhoff.

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