Culture does not pose the risk of deadly poisoning, 2012, 18.07.2012 – Lodz 18th of July 2012 Ewa Partum was irwited by Museum of Art and Political Critique and visited Lodz to re-enactoneof heractions. Culture in Action took part in the event. We created the following signs: Culture does not pose the risk of finger amputation. Culture does not pose the risk of deadly poisoning. Culture does not pose the risk of asbestos. Culture does not pose the risk of death. … In 1971 on the main square of Lodz – Plac Wolności (Freedom Square)- artist created installation called Legalising Space and hang signs bringing people to do or not to do all kinds of actions. ‘Don’t Touch!’, ‘Don’t Enter’, ‘Everything Forbidden’, ‚Banning Ban’. Signs forced and forbade and a forest of signs covered the streets, squares and pavements. After 30 years Ewa Partum together with younger artists and activists tried once more to work with public space and reinterpret political transformation that took place since the eighties in Poland. Two decades of political, cultural and social changes gave impulse to create new action. Strict control of social realism was replaced with new, more alive and more influenced with democratic rules. In times when discussion about what is public and private, about road regulations and city restrictions this artistic action tries to make public space into common, you could say, cozy place to be in and to travel through. Participants from ‚Culture in Action’ Association: Ewa Błaszczyńska, Anna Katarzyna Domejko, Michał Fryc, Dagmara Horab, Katarzyna Matoszko, Elżbieta Stańczak, Paula Strugińska.

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