Action Piotrkowska 58 Łódź, 17.09.2012 – Action took place in Lodz, on 17th September 2012 and during this artistic action Culture in Action joined forces with another initiative, called Piotrkowska 58. Purpose of this action was to turn attention of the city authorities to the situation of the building at 58 Piotrkowska (main street of Lodz), which was demolished to make way for a new building, that was to be an identical reconstruction of the demolished one. However mothing has happened since. The developer, PGE (Polish Energy Group), despite of all kinds of activist actions hasn’t made any decisions to rebuild the old, beautiful building. Culture in Action and other local groups try to initiate public discussion regarding the recless actions of developers that result in mindless destruction of oldest and historical parts of Lodz. Coordinators: Anna Katarzyna Domejko, Mateusz Dziuba, Paula Strugińska. Uczestnicy I Participants: Anna Katarzyna Domejko, Mateusz Dziuba, Dagmara Horab, Adriana Lisowska, Piotr Słomczewski, Elżbieta Stańczak, Paula Strugińska, Kamila Turkowska, Bartosz Zimny.

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